Finally, a practical and professional guide to navigating the complex and competitive Amazon seller marketplace.

Whether you're a seasoned seller or a just thinking about selling online, D.L. Willford brings down-to-earth advice and real-world tools that will make your Amazon selling experience easier and more profitable.


No Upselling — Nothing Else To Buy

Move beyond click-bait soical media promises of instant wealth and learn what it really takes to succeed — and get free bonus tools that show you how to track and analyze profit, inventory and advertising costs. 

Get Ahead Of The Competition

Notably, D.L. Willford achieved a remarkable feat by ascending to the top 25% of all Amazon sellers, in both sales and profits,  in under a year. This accomplishment reflects a profound understanding of the Amazon ecosystem and a commitment to ethical principles and a long-term successful strategy. 

With a focus on solid business principles that can be applied beyond Amazon, this advice can benefit anyone seeking to accelerate their business’s sales.

Solutions You Can Trust

With an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) and over 25 years of executive-level experience with companies like Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Nestle, Del Monte, Clorox, and Nielsen Research, the author’s professional journey gives you real-world insights into what will successfully launch your product.

Real Tools To Help You Be Successful

The bonus tools are easy-to-use for anyone with basic excel familiarity and designed to save you money. 

Stop wasting money on 3rd party apps or consultants that drain your profits and take control of your Amazon sales quickly and easily with tools that you can fully use without recurring fees. 

Take Control Of Your Profits

If you are looking for real-life advice and solutions from someone that won’t upsell you a bloated “how to” program you don’t need or try to get you sign on as a client, this is the author for you. Offering only practical advice and unlocked Excel tools to help you succeed, this is an author who has taken the time to outline for you what it REALLY takes to succeed on the Amazon platform in the current competitive marketplace. 

Solutions That Apply To Any Category

The book “How to Succeed as an Amazon Seller” serves as a stand-alone roadmap to success, presenting multiple solutions and thought-provoking ideas for a variety of selling issues, along with practical tools that anyone familar with the basics of Excel can use (or personalize) to take their business to the next level. 

Learn What It Really Takes To Be Successful On Amazon

If you have been wondering what it really takes to thrive on the Amazon platform, this author has pulled back the curtain and tells it like it really is. Don’t miss this opportunity to see if selling on Amazon is what you want to do.

Questions Or Concerns?

You can reach the author at requests@dlwillford.com