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How To Succeed As An Amazon Seller

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In the world of Amazon selling, here’s a tough truth: over 1/3 of Amazon sellers fail to turn a profit after a year of trying — and most don’t even know why.

It takes more than a good product to make money on Amazon today. 

Learn from a current USA seller what it took to move into the top 25% of all sellers — both in sales and profits — in less than 9 months! 

Real-life solutions anyone can apply with free Excel tools to show you how.  

Have You Been Considering
Hiring An "Expert" To Help?

Many people claim to be PPC advertising experts or virtual assistants that can help run your business better. 

But they are really trying to help themselves to your money. Instead, learn what those experts really do and take control of your own destiny. 

This book equips you to understand the crucial skills for success and the metrics that measure effective tactics. You’ll learn firsthand what these experts do, empowering you to make an informed hiring choice—or decide to master it yourself!


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No Upselling

When you are ready to move past the empty social media promises to get-rich-quick, this will give you the most honest and practical advice you will find anywhere on how to be profitable as an Amazon seller.

This is an all-inclusive pass to learn the essential strategies to kickstart your journey, ensuring you not only avoid pitfalls but also gain a competitive edge from the very beginning.

It’s the real deal: just one current seller willing to share the secrets of what it really takes to succeed on the Amazon platform today and as a bonus also sharing the Excel tools they used to track and analyze their own performance.


Free Tools That Really Work

It takes more than a good product to make money online. You need to be able to stand out in the crowded and competitive Amazon marketplace and turn a PROFIT.

But how do you really KNOW what to do?  Understand exactly what is driving success (and pain) so you you can easily pivot your efforts and work effectively. Track and analyze your advertising spend. Gain insights into specific metrics, enabling you to assess whether your efforts are contributing to increased profits over time. Uncover trends for the year, month-to-date, and even the last 7 days.

Learn when to send product to Amazon (and how much) to make sure your inventory is alligned with your sales.  Understand where your money goes and much, much more!

This Book Is The Real Deal

Leveraging my executive experience at Fortune 500 companies and armed with an Executive MBA, I launched into Amazon selling in the United States in January 2023, achieving a top 25% ranking in less than 9 months. Notably, my sales and profits have seen continuous growth every month since inception, never once encountering a loss.

My passion for assisting others stems from a firm belief that sharing insights and helping fellow sellers thrive contributes to a healthier online marketplace. I’m committed to the idea that success for one does not require the failure of others, fostering a community where everyone can sell and shop with confidence.

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Becoming an Amazon success story is within your reach; all you need is real advice from someone who’s walked the same path and emerged a winner.

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About the author

With a career that spans the executive ranks of Fortune 500 companies and an Executive MBA to my name, I bring a wealth of practical experience to various facets of life. I've encountered and overcome challenges along the way, from navigating complex corporate landscapes to achieving personal milestones.

My journey has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the importance of logic and intuition— a combination that gives value both to financial decision-making and life-saving moments.

While my foundation is firmly rooted in logic and analytics, I understand that life often presents unpredictable twists. I'm committed to sharing my knowledge and experiences to help others navigate these twists and turns with confidence, in unique ways that win the day, whether in business or in personal endeavors.