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Beat The Odds And Succeed As An Amazon Seller


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Defy the odds and turn a profit as an Amazon seller.

There are over 2 million sellers on Amazon today, but over 1/3  of them will see their dreams of seller success end in failure without ever knowing why.

Success isn’t solely tied to the choice of the product; rather, it depends on your practical and financial approaches to selling on the Amazon platform. Don’t let others profit from your mistakes. 

Discover how I rose to the top 25% of all sellers — in both sales and profits — in under nine months while achieving  a consistent and profitable trajectory on my way to the top 15%. No click-bait promises of overnight wealth or get-rich-quick schemes. I’m a seller who’s willing to tell you the truth about selling on Amazon—the good and the bad. I’m not a consultant, and I’m not selling you “my system.” This is a real-world, detailed memoir of what it took to succeed on the Amazon platform as a seller—what I wish I knew before I started — and I’m even sharing the same Excel tools that played a pivotal role in my successful Amazon journey. You won’t find a more honest guide to making it as an Amazon seller.

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Tools For Intuition

Have you ever noticed individuals who appear consistently lucky or possess an innate ability to make the right decisions in various situations? Intuition is a skill inherent in all of us, yet many are unaware that it can be cultivated and honed, much like any other skill. 

All it takes is a commitment to exercising and nurturing your intuition, just as you would with your physical body, to help it flourish and become more reliable over time.

Tarot and Lenormand isn’t an exclusive realm of mysticism, limited to a select few. Instead, it’s a tool that allows you to connect with your intuition through the symbolism within the cards. This straightforward approach empowers you to make quicker, more informed decisions, all without any mystical or superstitious elements.

Unlock the power of combined Tarot and Lenormand readings for crystal-clear, actionable insights that demystify the complex.

Consider the 6 of Cups in Tarot, a card evoking nostalgia and simpler times, or even a reunion with someone from your past. It’s a message filled with sentiment, but its practical application can remain elusive.

Now, introduce the Lenormand Bear card, representing strength, protection, and authority. Suddenly, the message becomes vivid and purposeful.

Meaning as detailed in the book:  The 6 of Cups and the Bear together suggest that you should draw on your fond memories from the past to guide your current actions and decisions. By embracing the leadership qualities represented by the Bear, you can strive to reconnect with or recreate positive experiences from your youth. Strong memories from the past are now shaping your present outlook, inspiring you to lead with confidence and create lasting, meaningful connections.

This book does away with the guesswork, offering you precise, actionable interpretations. In this example, the combination of the 6 of Cups and the Bear spells out a compelling message: Draw strength from cherished memories, harness your leadership abilities, and create enduring, meaningful connections.

With over 400 pages of detailed card-by-card combinations, this book empowers you to tap into your intuition, making confident, well-informed decisions in all aspects of life.


Also Available Free From Kindle Unlimited